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EDITORIAL: Dropping Mhango a recipe for disaster

Coach Mabedi’s decision to drop Gabadinho Mhango from the Flames squad is a baffling and misguided move.

Mhango is one of the team’s most experienced and skilled players and his exclusion can only be seen as a setback for the team’s chances in the upcoming qualifiers.

Mabedi’s reasoning that Mhango is too old and that the team needs to look to the future is unconvincing.

At 29, Mhango is still in his prime and has consistently demonstrated his ability to perform at a high level.

It seems that Mabedi is prioritizing his own personal preferences over the needs of the team. His refusal to include Mhango in the squad is a clear example of this.

The coach’s decision has sparked widespread outrage among football fans, who see it as a misguided and harmful move.

We join them in calling for Mabedi to reconsider his decision and reinstate Mhango to the squad.

The Flames need all the talent and experience they can get as they face the challenges of the World Cup qualifiers.

By excluding Mhango, Mabedi is putting the team at a disadvantage and undermining their chances of success.

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