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Dear X Airing on Internet

By Solomon Mwale

Mphatso Chikuni-Dear Ex has an amzing story line and the script is not easily predicted

Lilongwe, Mana:   Lilongwe based Media groups, Dzuwa Arts Media and Nthanthwe Arts have partnered in producing a web series called Dear Ex which is being shown on the internet.

Dzuwa Media Group Director and Writer of the Show, Ignatius Kaphinde said the series was currently being aired every Saturday on YouTube, Tick-Tok and Facebook platforms.

“Dear Ex is one of the complicated stories I have ever written. It talks about love, relationships, marriages, social issues, betrayal and blackmail. The story has a lot of twists and turns that makes it interesting and obsessive to watch,” he said.

Kaphinde who also plays a role of a womanizer by the name Scot added they started shooting the series around February, 2022.

He said so far the media companies have aired 22 episodes and another 30 are under production.

The director added that, “This means soon we will be shooting another lot of episodes, our targets is to reach 100 episodes before the end of this year because in January we will start  season 2 of Dear Ex will be running concurrently with season 1.”

An actress who plays Fiona, Scot’s wife, Mphatso Chikuni said the drama series was exciting since it explains the complicated love life in this generation.

“The show talk about a life where having many partners is becoming the new normal,” she noted.

Chikuni appealed to the public to watch the show as they would learn a lot from the stories.

“People should watch it because they will see how cheating can affect their lives and their partners health if they contract HIV and AIDS, and how revenge can be dangerous,” she pointed out.

One of the series ardent followers, Tapiwa Banda said that she loves the storyline, suspenseand plot twist of Dear EX.

She said that the actors performance was exciting and on point.   

“The actors act out of real life situations that happen to the audience more especially the youth,” Banda viewed.

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