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NBS Bank Plc equips staff on data protection 

NBS Bank Plc has taken a significant step in ensuring its members of staff are equipped with data privacy information skills by training them about the just-assigned Data Protection Bill.

NBS Bank Plc Head of Compliance Vitumbiko Gubuduza said in an interview yesterday that the aim of the training is to familiarize staff members with the newly enacted Data Protection Act and instill confidence in the market regarding the Bank’s proactive stance on customer data protection.

“This initiative underscores the Bank’s commitment to safeguarding customer information and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks. The training will also help staff to know how to handle customer information as they make sure internal processes comply with the new bill.”

“The staff members are central to data privacy and key stakeholders. We cannot proceed to comply with a law before we make sure our staff understands the requirements under the law and ensure that our internal processes are updated for seamless compliance. They must therefore understand the demands of this law,” said Gubuduza.

She added that the initiative by NBS Bank Plc demonstrates its proactive approach to compliance and underscores its commitment to fostering trust and confidence among its customers.

“By investing in staff training and aligning internal processes with regulatory requirements, the Bank is poised to uphold the highest standards of data protection, thereby strengthening its position as a responsible financial institution. NBS Bank Plc’s dedication to data protection sets a precedent for other organizations to prioritize the protection of customer information and embrace regulatory changes as opportunities for improvement and growth,” explained Gubuduza.

Limbe Service Centre Manager Twaibu Mnani said the training helped them understand how to handle customers’ personal information.

“The introduction of the Data Protection Act will assist in building trustworthy relationships with customers. We have been taught how to appreciate customers’ privacy by among other things never to take photos unnecessarily unless with consent from customers,” said Mnani.

The Data Protection Act received presidential assent from President Lazarus Chakwera in February this year and aims to establish a comprehensive legal framework for regulating the processing and movement of personal data of natural persons, in line with internationally accepted data protection principles.

In February this year, President Lazarus Chakwera assented to the bill seeking to provide for a comprehensive legal framework for regulating the processing and movement of personal data of natural persons, in compliance with internationally accepted data protection principles.

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