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Malawi Parliament Shuts Out Press As DPP Faces Questions Over High-Profile Cases

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Masauko Chamkakala is being questioned by the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament in accordance with Section 101 (2) of the Constitution of Malawi.

The committee is grilling Chamkakala over the discontinuance of several high-profile court cases, including the corruption case against former President Bakili Muluzi and Vice President Saulos Chilimia.

Journalists have been barred from attending the session, which has raised concerns about transparency and accountability.

The media is demanding access to the proceedings to ensure that the DPP is held accountable for his actions.

The committee’s questioning of Chamkakala is a test of the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

The public is eagerly waiting for answers about the handling of these high-profile cases.

The DPP’s decision to discontinue the cases has been widely criticized, with many believing that the office has bowed to political pressure.

The committee’s investigation is seen as an opportunity to uncover the truth behind the discontinuance of these cases.

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