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Night of Praise: A triumph for female officers in Limbe

In a groundbreaking operation dubbed “Night of Praise”, female officers from Limbe police station in Blantyre took center stage, showcasing their capabilities and prowess in maintaining law and order.

The special operation, conducted on the night of May 9, 2024, aimed to empower police women and demonstrate their ability to execute police duties in the absence of male officers.

Led by female officers, the operation saw a series of activities unfold, including all-night foot and vehicle patrols in Limbe township and residential areas, ad-hoc roadblocks and traffic checks on Limbe roads.

Sub-Inspector Chibisa Mulimbika, Limbe Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, said the operation yielded impressive results, with various crimes foiled, recoveries made and 27 suspects arrested.

The “Night of Praise” operation highlighted the capabilities of female police officers, who are often underrepresented in law enforcement.

The success of the operation demonstrates that women can play a vital role in maintaining public safety and combating crime.

The suspects arrested during the operation will appear in court soon, facing various charges including burglary, theft, and other offenses.

The “Night of Praise” operation serves as a testament to the capabilities of female police officers and their commitment to serving and protecting their communities.

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