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DPP demands transparency in passport supplying contract

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has called on the government to provide clarity on the controversial passport supplying contract awarded to local firm, E-Tech Systems.

The party’s spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba, has raised concerns over the contract, citing the company’s alleged links to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members and its lack of capacity to supply passports.

The passport saga began when the government cancelled the contract with Techno Brain, a company that had been printing Malawi passports for years.

The cancellation was followed by the awarding of a new contract to E-Tech Systems, a move that has raised eyebrows among Malawians.

Namalomba has accused the government of awarding the contract without following proper procurement procedures, putting Malawians at a disadvantage.

He has also questioned the capacity of E-Tech Systems to supply passports, citing the company’s lack of experience in the field.

In response, Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu has assured Malawians that the government has no problem sharing information about the contract.

He has also defended E-Tech Systems, stating that the company has already started issuing passports and has the capacity to supply them.

However, the DPP remains skeptical, calling for the Office of the Attorney General to investigate the matter.

The party has also raised concerns over the cancellation of the Techno Brain contract, which they believe was not done in good faith.

The passport saga has sparked controversy in Malawi, with many citizens expressing concerns over the government’s handling of the contract.

The DPP’s demands for transparency and accountability have added to the growing pressure on the government to provide clarity on the matter.

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