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APM’s Njamba Mammoth Patronage Excites Former Zambian President Edgar Lungu: “Experience Vs Experiment”

Former Zambian President Edgar Lungu has expressed his admiration for the massive turnout at former Malawian President Peter Mutharika’s Njamba rally on Sunday , praising the political excitement in Malawi.

Lungu made the remarks in statement posted on his official facebook page which was accompained by a picture showing hundreds of people who attended the rally.

Lungu noted that as Malawians prepare to vote next year, the choice will be between “experience” and “experiments”.

This observation comes as Mutharika declared his intention to contest in the upcoming elections during the Njamba rally.

The rally witnessed an overwhelming show of support for Mutharika, with a massive crowd gathered to hear his message.

Lungu’s remarks on the “experience vs experiment” choice suggest that Mutharika’s political experience and track record will be a key factor in the upcoming elections.

In his statement, Lungu wished the people of Malawi “best wishes” and encouraged them to “stay blessed, peaceful, and safe” as they navigate the political landscape.

The Njamba rally has generated significant buzz in Malawian politics, with many interpreting Mutharika’s declaration as a strong indication of his political intentions.

As the country gears up for elections, the “experience vs experiment” narrative is likely to shape the political discourse in the coming months.

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