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Mzuzu Youth Centre to be complete in July

By Tawonga Moyo

Mzuzu, February 29, Mana: Project Manager for DEC Construction Limited, which is constructing Mzuzu Youth Centre, Ellard Malonda, has revealed that the project, currently at 40 percent advancement stage, is expected to be completed in July this year.

Confirming the development in an interview on Wednesday, Malonda said they have been working on the foundation which was a massive task.

“We are expecting to finish this project by July 8, 2024. This project has been running in phases as the structure consists of several rooms. Currently, the foundation stage which consists of a library and an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) centre is done.

“The remaining sections will be easy for us to pull them up because, currently, we are above the ground floor and works above the ground are easily done than inside the ground,” said Malonda.

Malonda added that there have been some changes in the structural plan in that the volleyball, netball, basketball and tennis courts which were initially designed to be at the right side of the building have been moved to the left.

Director of Planning and Development for Mzuzu City Council (MCC), Monica Malota, said the Council understands the outcry by the youth in the city regarding the delay in completion of the project.

“We understand that the youth in Mzuzu expect the project to be completed as soon as possible, but we have experienced a few delays in its implementation with forex shortages and rains being contributing factors,” said Malota.

YPlus Mzuzu Coordinator, an association of young people living with HIV, Innocent Mbezuma, thanked government for the facility, saying youth in the city will finally have a place to call their own.

“Whenever we have activities, we are required to book a place. This facility will have everything we need such as an ICT centre and sports courts.

“These are no mean developments as they will help in boosting sports and technology in Mzuzu,” said Mbezuma.

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