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Oncology Unit to stall at Cancer Centre after March 31st-Khumbize

By Lovemore Khomo

Kandodo Chiponda inspecting construction sites

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has expressed expectation that the Oncology Unit for both Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy at National Cancer Centre will be operational after March 31, 2024.

Kandodo Chiponda expressed this during a brief inspection at construction site within the Centre on Friday in Lilongwe.

Chemotherapy uses medications that are designed to kill or shrink growing cancer cells while Radiation therapy kills cancer cells by using beams of high energy, for example, x-rays or protons.

She was satisfied over the progress on construction of the bunkers, saying they are happy with the project work.

Kandodo Chiponda explained the importance of the center which has been at the center of talk in the country considering services that shall be rendered.

“We are happy with the progress and just to assure Malawians, even we remember during parliamentary sitting where Chiradzulu South MP, Joseph Mwanamveka asked about the progress, juts tells you how important.” explained Kandodo Chiponda.

She emphasized that the process of construction of concrete bunkers cannot stop anyhow because it needs a steady mixture of concrete cement.

“The work is being done 24 hours. There is electrification at this place which ably help them mix the concrete day and night and will ensure finish in good time, mid February and other work should finish in March.” said Kandodo Chiponda.

However, Health Minister projected that everything should be finished after the month of March, 2024 which will make the Cancer Centre full operational same time.

In an interview with Site Agent for PLEM Construction Ajai Mohan pointed out how big is the project, hence they work hard to ensure get to the finish timeline.

Mohan confirmed that they should be finishing the construction of bunkers and everything by 31st March 2024 and expect patients get services from that date.

Currently, National Cancer Centre looks after a number of cancer patients and it has a Children’s ward. The whole project began in 2017, but construction of bunkers started in 2022.

It is the country’s expectation, they will get both radiation and chemotherapy services at the Centre once construction of bunkers is finished.

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