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Malawi, India export labour to Israel to work in farms, construction sectors…Malawi plays down conflict implications

Government has issued a statement today clarifying rumours that Malawians who have been exported to Israel are to join the Israel Defence Force ( IDF) but that they are going to work in farms in that country as most nationals have fled the country due to war between Israel and Hamas.

According to the press statement released by the Ministry of Labour and Signed by Principal Secretary counsel Wezzie Kayira, government says it has started exporting labour to other countries including Israel.

“The general public is hereby informed that Government has embarked on the export of labour to various countries including Israel. The labour export program is an initiative of the government in collaboration with the private sector to fulfill this administration’s commitment to job creation and youth empowerment as championed by His Excellency Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi,” says the statement.

The press release has also indicated that young people will work in various sectors and the first cohort which will leave soon will work in the agriculture sector and that it will boost foreign exchange reserves.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has also sent its people to work in construction and care- giving industries.

While the number of workers to be “exported” to Israel is not clear, the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi clarified that the Indian government is engaged in a long-term plan to be sending Indian workers for the Israeli construction and caregiving sector.

However, the Indian civil society organizations have taken to task government over the policy.

In Malawi leader of opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa took government to task over the matter in Parliament on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the first batch of Malawian have arrived safely at Tel Aviv International in that country around 11:35am.

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  1. it appears this government continues to act very amateurish. one day they deny in parliament even to a point of censuring the leader of the oposition. Now the govt is talking about e nation benefiting through forex. my question is forex for who? once we get forex chakwera and his handclapers woll will travel.even more. I think the govt should clarify if this is part of a million jobs we were promised.

    • not president will be traveling more but forex will be used to buy petrol and other thing since we don’t produce anything Malawi and it’s not only Malawi India also has sent his people to work in construction

  2. Dr. Chakwera thank for bring this idea it will help a lot of young children of Malawi. As you know that our country doesn’t industry. Most Malawians who goes out there they don’t think about investing back home. I do support that let them go work work for themselves and their family.
    Please try to open the same opportunities in the countries like Australia, America, Canada, Germany, UK and Ireland.


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