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Is Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera tackling corruption?

By Rick Dzida

With a Malawian population that is dominated by religious adherents, it was not flabbergasting that Reverend Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera was voted into power in 2020.

Brainwashed religious apologetics thought that what Reverend Chakwera promise was the gospel truth because to them reverends, pastors, prophets, sheikhs or apostles or men of God are dressed in genuine robes of honesty, integrity and truthfulness.

For starters, philosophically, Chakwera’s mind or reasoning is corrupt. As the leader of opposition then, Chakwera was not able to speak issues from his mind.

In fact, Chakwera had a litany of accomplices who were placed in strategic positions to destabilize Peter Mutharika’s regime.

Chakwera is on record having a private conversation with Timothy Mtambo, the Human Rights Activist, on an audio leak-out to stage nationwide demonstrations that would oust the then regime, Peter Mutharika’s regime.

Chakwera’s corrupt mind and philosophy was proved to be a reality on a number of occasions.

First, let us avoid concentrating on campaign promises for as usual in politics promises are just there to buy a gullible voter.

We can only pin down President Chakwera on whatever he said once in power.

Upon ascending to power, Chakwera’s presidential inauguration ceremony had two venues one at Bingu Stadium and another at Kamuzu Barracks.

In his inaugural speech, Chakwera promised Malawians to deliver a financial report on how the two venues had not defrauded government coffers.

Up to now, the said financial report has not seen the light of the day.

Second, once in power, President Chakwera from his mouth promised Malawians that he would reshuffle cabinet reshuffle within 6 months.

He did not bother to give an explanation as to why he did not reshuffle the cabinet after the elapse of  6 months.

Unfortunately, during that time, the Minister of Transport and Public works, Sidik Mia, died due to Covid-19 and there was no cabinet reshuffle up to more than a year.

It is widely accepted that the prerogative of the President to reshuffle the cabinet is not an immunity to lie to the Malawians.

Third, if President Chakwera is serious about cracking down on corruption, why hasn’t he made the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) independent?

Currently, there is no political will for the Executive   to reduce presidential powers.

Fourth, why did Vice President Chilima defend himself by insinuating that the Presidential immunity should be stripped off when ACB pinned him down on bribery and corruption charges?

Fifth, Chakwera pardoned corruption suspect, Dr. Bakili Muluzi and convict Uladi Mussa. This is a motivation for corrupt minds to engage more in corrupt activities.

It is therefore not mindboggling to watch the Chakwera’s government’s appointees implicated in corruption scandals. Names are en-mass such as Kezzie Msukwa, Newton Kambara, Chakufwa Chihana and the rest.

In conclusion, President Chakwera cannot pose as if he is fighting corruption by presiding over Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) functions when pointers indicate he is part of corruption syndicate.

It is therefore highly recommended that President Chakwera must show the political will to tackle corruption head-on.

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