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NANKHUMWA PENS CHAKWERA TO APPEAR BEFORE PARLIAMENT… house to grill Chakwera on devaluation, voter IDs


Malawi’s leader of the Opposition in Parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa has written President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to appear before plenary Session of Parliament to answer questions from Members of Parliament regarding grave socioeconomic ills poor Malawians have been subjected to due to devaluation, lack of fiscal discipline among others.

In a letter dated Novermber 17, 2023 which Malawi Voice has seen, Nankhumwa wants Chakwera to come to Parliament as a constitutional requirement and face myriad of questions the people’s House.

According to Nankhumwa, the letter has been forced to be written following ‘Chakwera’s boys and girls’ conduct in Parliament to frustrate two motions that are aimed to spearhead democracy in the country.

In his submission, Nankhumwa wants Chakwera to provide a cleat road map on how Malawi economy will revamp due to the massive devaluation. He also wants to Chakwera to intervene on the criterion that is currently being used by NRB that anyone who wants to register with MEC must have a National Identity and yet some people lost their cards during floods among others. He has therefore asking that people can go to their traditional leaders or those who have valid other documents like passports and driving licence must be allowed to register as well.

Malawi Voice contacted State House officers to comment on the matter but they didn’t pick the phone.

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