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MCP retains Dedza Seat…Bulldozer Chimwendo Banda says development, democracy have won

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President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s party, the Malawi Congress Party on Thursday scored a major election result after retaining the seat in by-election Dedza Central Constituency but after facing a scare from an independent candidate.

Unofficial results show that Mr Willard Gwengwe of MCP scooped 7,988 representing 50% of the total votes counted.

Vote counting started immediately after the polls were closed at 4PM .

Speaking to reporters after the final tally, the MCP’s National Youth Director, Richard Chimwendo Banda said he is happy that his party has carried the day though with a scare.

“It is a day to celebrate democracy and development. On behalf of the president of the party, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, I am very thankful to the voters especially women and youths for choosing development over petty politics. These results put a strong seal (of approval) to the Chakwera’s pro- poor aganda and proactive governance policies.,” said Chimwendo Banda popular known as Bulldozer in political spaces.

Chimwendo also said the performance under Chakwera and its firebrand, is significant coming against the backdrop of price rises due to inflation that has occurred due to devaluation of the currency.

The victory for MCP helps its chances of winning national polls in 2025 as main opposition, DPP party is still embroiled in wrangles.

The MCP had to fend off a stiff challenge by an independent candidate, Jacob Kaumphawi who scooped 7,395 representing 47% while DPP’s candidate, Andrew Kowedzs played a messengerial task after getting 395 votes representing 2% while 111 were declared null and void representing 1%.

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