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NO HONOR IN HONORARY DEGREES: Get into a classroom, it’s never late

By Lyson Sibande

If you want to be called Doctor, just go to a duly accredited university and get registered. Do a Bachelor’s Degree, then Master’s Degree. After that, enroll for a Doctoral Degree programme.

Work hard and pass all the modules, assignments, term papers, presentations, examinations, projects, research papers, theses and then graduate. That’s the tough journey you must walk through to earn a doctorate degree.

Generally, if you don’t take a break after your bachelor’s degree, it should take you about 10 years to get a doctorate, or more (inclusive of years to attain a bachelor’s degree).

There is no honor in an honorary degree.  Honorary degrees are a huge insult to the academia and professional fraternities.

When you are offered an honorary degree, please, reject it. It does not matter whether it’s original or fake.

Just reject it because original and fake honorary degrees are the same. They are both fake, regardless.  Get into a classroom. It’s never late.

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