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Malawian witch-doctors defraud ‘foolish’ Zambian business tycoon over K0.53 billion  

In Zambia, Ndola businessman’s fear of death has shocked the court after hearing that he paid two Malawi based witch doctors more than 1 million Zambian kwacha (equivalent to 53 million Malawi Kwacha) to chase away the spirit of death, Mwebantu has reported.

The victim Jackson Katongo 39, also procurement officer is believed to have approached Armed Bwanali and Adam Phiri for cleansing rituals after his pastor told him that he was limited in healing him.

Hearing this, he approached the two witch doctors with the help of his pastor, but then realised that they tricked him of his hard earned money.

The two suspects have since been charged with the offence of cheating Mr. Katongo of money worth more K1 million.

When the matter came up before Ndola magistrate Mary Goma, Mr Katongo narrated to court that his church pastor prophesied that he and his wife will die.

He told court that in his prophecy, the pastor told him that he was cursed and saw a snake and fire in his life and so he asked to pray for him and his wife.

“During the prayers, the pastor said that he had a vision that he could not solve because he had limitations as a pastor. That is when he recommended and introduced me to the two,” he said.

Mr Katongo told court that when he was introduced to the witch doctors, they went to a lodge and there be was forced to undress.

He was then covered with a cloth and the witch doctors started chanting and gave him an oil ointment.

“They also performed rituals and after they performed the rituals I sent them K100,000 as a first installment and then another through mobile money. I sent about K219,000 to the accused person’s and then the rest of the money was also sent,” he said.

He told court that the two, however continued asking for money and even threatened to publish a video they captured during the cleansing process at the lodge.

The two then sent the video to him via WhatsApp and warned him that they would release it if he did not comply.

The matter, according to Zambia’s leading online news media Mwebantu,  has been adjourned to November for continuation of trial.

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