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Leader of the House Chimwendo lauds MPs for spearheading developmental agenda in Parliament

CHIMWENDO BANDA: Decisions taken in this Parliament Building must always strive to shape the fate of all sections of the society

Leader of Government Business in Parliament Williams Richard Chimwendo Banda says Parliament is a “soul of democracy” for represents the voice of the voiceless in the society and therefore, it is crucial that Members of Parliament spend their time litigating developmental issues that will spur economic growth of their respective constituencies.

Chimwendo was speaking to press at Parliament Building after Parliament adjourned for weekend recess.

In his remarks, Chimwendo Banda said apart from the tower of democracy, Parliament has a mandate to inspire hope where there is fatigue, to link policy to construction and resolution with achievement.

“Further to that, Parliament must dare to prosecute the dreams of founders of the country of alleviating poverty through health debates and it must cherish the exceptional ideals of peaceful coexistence and this weeks deliberations have been phenomenon.”

Chimwendo cited the two Bills that Parliament has authorized government to receive money from African Development Fund( ADF) for various social economic projects.

He said getting grants of about K49.7 billion which is Bill No 18 of 2023 from the African Development Fund will stimulate economic activities to the people of Rumphi District for now they will be able to access portable water because of this grant of K33.7 billion.

He also cited the another Bill No 19 of 2023 to allow government to get funds from International Development Association (SADC Regional Statistics Project) (Authorisation) to the tune of K16 billion with an aim to strengthen the institutional capacity of the National Statistical Office to produce, disseminate and use quality statistics while increasing regional harmonisation and collaboration.

“Decisions taken in this Parliament Building must always strive to shape the fate of all sections of the society and the laws passed must be drafted to help in pulling out people from poverty and empower the marginalized sections of society. Therefore, it is important to remember that in any functional democracy, Parliament is viewed by many as deity for its core mandate is to preach development, unity and snub politics of hate and nepotism,” said Chimwendo Banda who is also Minister of Government, Unity and Culture.

Apart from Money Bills, Parliament also received reports from various committees including of the Education.

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