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MISA POLLS: Exit Teresa Ndanga enters…

By Albert Comrade Berto Sharra

The Winning Team: From left Chisomo Ngulube, Golden Matonga and Steve Zimba

Exit Teresa enters… No one has an answer, but for sure, MISA Malawi will have a new leadership this week.

I have read the manifestos of the two teams vying for the top position and it shows they both know what Malawi media needs.

However, TeamGolden has done a great job in presenting their ideas in a creative way that they sound more doable and attainable. They have also managed to touch on keys issues haunting the journalism profession.

From issues of inclusiveness to digital media and community broadcasting, TeamGolden has wielded support from across the media fraternity. The veterans, mid- and early-careers see hope in his team.

He is also inspiring those who have seen him grow into an international journalist. Golden Matonga is one lucky journalist whose story to stardom enjoys support from multiple voices. I won’t be surprised to see him taking over from the brilliant Teresa.

While that alone is a success, it is also a challenge that will demand his every muscle to keep the bar higher.

 I know he will need to leave a mark at MISA and that will make him deliver with the support of others, particularly his deputy, Chisomo Kachapila Ngulube whose rating matches that of the current chair. I wish them success.

I should also commend Anthony Kasunda, Thom Khanje and Teresa Chirwa for raising the bar too high that the office no longer attracts ordinary faces.

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