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NCHE to go digital on University application

By Priscilla Phiri

Lilongwe, February 17, Mana: National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has announced that this year’s University application will be done online through a mobile Application (App) to support applicants in their choice of programmes, on Thursday, February 16th, 2023 in Lilongwe.

The announcement was made at a Government citizen engagement (Pabwalo) programme dubbed ‘Malawi Wanga (My Malawi) university selection process,’ which was facilitated by Ministry of Civic Education at Kaundama Community Secondary School (CDSS) to shed more light on the process of University selection process in Malawi.

Speaking at the event was the Director of Planning, Research and Development for NCHE, Mangani Chilala Katundu,  said online University application has proven to be more efficient in university selection than physical application.

“In the previous year, those who applied using the online platform, 80% of them were selected to universities whilst those that applied on paper 50% were redirected because they were not assisted on what programmes to apply for, inline with their results,  that is why we are going 100% with online application,

Secondly, online application will facilitate quicker processing so that we have the results on time and since the application will be linked to their mobile phones, they will be informed right away once the application is received by NCHE, whether the application is awaiting payment and also notify them when they have been selected,” explained Katundu.

He further stated that the App has been simplified for easy operation for students saying the system will be similar to that of Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) therefore, NCHE is not anticipating any problems with the system.

“The app is very convenient, because once applicants create their accounts, they will load their PLSC results and in turn the system will list programs that are correlating and appropriate for their performance in terms of universities and programs they can take,

And when they choose their desired programmes, they will be required to pay through any mobile money platforms that is convenient for them such as Airtel money, Unayo but also through any bank in Malawi and afterwards submit their applications on the app,” he elaborated.

Katundu also assured applicants that NCHE will  keep them well informed through messages on all media platforms as well as sensitisations to help applicants understand the process.

He also said that the institution will ensure that teachers in secondary schools are well capacitated  to help eligible applicants with online university application.

Meanwhile, NCHE has also announced that University application will commence on 10th March 2023 and urges all applicants eligible to apply including special needs students.

Also present at the event was the Principal Secretary for Civic Education, Dr. Elizabeth Gomani Chindebvu, encouraged students with financial problems to apply as government established Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board (HESLG) to assist students in need.

“If you are a student with financial challenges and you know that you are eligible for university application, I encourage you not to hesitate but apply for the programme that you want to study because government established loans board so that students with financial challenges can apply and be assisted 

We also have Constituency Development Funds which are given to Members of Parliament in your areas where some students can also be assisted as long as you inform your  Member of Parliament,” she said.

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