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A Thought On the US Ambassador’s Statement


H.E. David Young

H.E. David Young spoke passionately against corruption in Malawi, going further than any of the diplomats have ever done in the history of the country. Now that he has thus far waded into those waters, it may be important to use this moment to really end this scourge by targeting its roots.

The real problem with Malawi is the political parties. These parties are reservoirs of corrupt politicians, most of whom get recycled from one government to another. Corrupt people are embedded in the very core of these parties so much that it is almost impossible for any of these parties to get into government and tackle corruption wholeheartedly. In fact, the safest place to hide if you are a corrupt politician is to join a political party. Every party pays lip service to the anti-corruption song while in opposition and then immediately start looting the moment they get into government.

Just a couple of years ago, the MCP claimed to be the most anti-corruption party and promised to fight vigorously. It is now obvious that they cannot because, just like the other parties, their framework is full of corrupt recycled politicians.

The only way to change the system is to bring in honest new untainted faces unaffiliated to any of the current parties. A good and honest candidate in any of the current parties will always end up being dragged down by the corrupt machinery within his/her own party once in office. Until the major parties are bypassed, there will always be corruption in the country.

So, if Mr. Young is really willing to help the country, and he genuinely looks like he does, his office should seriously consider sponsoring new faces, not affiliated to any of the current parties, to campaign for 2025. That’s the only way you end corruption in Malawi … by breaking the grip of the legacy parties.

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