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2023 is a year of continued revolution, Malawi deserve better


We blamed APM for not attending most functions, we undermined APM but surely, if APM is to attend the same function with Chakwera today, the result will be Chakwera being insulted and APM getting the praises. It was a wise decision by APM to turn down most invitations where him and Chakwera would sit on the same platform.

This far, Malawians have realised that Chakwera has been ill-treating SKC. He fired him as a minister and he suspended the VP on case known by Chakwera himself. Surely if there was a case, it wouldn’t have taken 5 months to move on him. We saw what happened on the military function, SKC was not part of the protocol yet it was required of him. Why silent?

If SKC was to speak last year the political landscape would have changed. A campaign button would have been pressed. Somehow, Chakwera would have blamed all his mess on SKC. His silence was leaving his personal ambitions but for Malawi. He meant well for Chakwera to have a conducive governing environment. Let him fail on his own. Sadly he is failing miserably. The touted petrol just lasted for a day, typical of an ejaculation joy.

So now a failure is a failure. Whether SKC makes a statement or not. We have seen how betraying Chakwera is and lost on track. 2023 is a year of the continuation of revolution, Malawi deserve better. We need to move out poverty to progress. At the moment SKC speaks, the time for change has come. This revolution shall be historical.

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  1. Chilima another useless lame duck. Very pomous yet politically dull. He sacrficed his future political prospects on the alter of selfishness and greed.


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