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Economically, Malawi is wasting money paying people at National Planning Commission


This is how daft we are as a people. Instead of planning, this so called National Planning Commission is spending time thinking on how they can patronise and impress Chakwera.

Honestly speaking, this award is horse vomit.

Giving APM and Bingu awards was tokenism to justify this insanity. It is the same nonsense of Timothy Mtambo Piece and Unity day that is just providing Chakwera with a platform to sing lullabies to sleepy us.


OChakwera ndi a overall champion of the Malawi 2063 (MW2063)


— The national budget aligns to the vision, pillars and enablers of the MW2063.

— Ability to mobilise resources for projects started by his predecessors, such as the Phalombe District Hospital and Shire Valley Transformation Project.

Obviously, the NPC doesn’t know what the word champion mean, let alone when you combine it with overall.

What they have done is:

Intellectually lazy!

Politically silly and insulting to suffering Malawians.

Spiritually dishonest


Developmentally retrogressive

Economically, Malawi is wasting money paying the people at the National Planning Commission.

One would have expected the National Planning Commission to have the best minds to wow and excite Malawians with ideas and plans. Patronising Chakwera is not exciting.

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  1. I agree with you entirely. It seems these dudes exhausted their TRO and they are now lost and going around town to decorate whoever they think. Surely after decorating all these mercenaries that they mistake as leaders then they will now have no one to decorate. For all goodness what is there to decorate Chakwera for. Surely if Malawians have a very useless president then it is Chakwera. A complete hypocrite


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