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Where did UTM get 1 million votes without a base?


You can’t win an election without a base (tribe supporters or regional supporters) so they say. No, you can win an election without those, yes 100%. It happened in Malawi, Ntchitsi, Kasungu, Mchinji, Nkhotakota, Lilongwe had MPs from DPP, MCP was cornered in its own so called base. It’s own chewa tribe turned against MCP.

Surely, there is no party whose base can make it win an election- MCP failed for 25 good years. The chewas failed to raise MCP to Presidency irrespective of their quick multiplication advantage. It is an old philosophy not belonging to this generation. Actually, by this time, we must deal away with politics or tribal or regional arrangements. Politics must be based on mother Malawi. That is UTM philosophy and without the so called base they managed to get a million votes as UDF and Aford, with bases, couldn’t hit 300,000 votes.

Where did UTM get 1 million votes without a base? There is a revolution happening in Malawi, Malawians are no longer interested in parties with tribal affiliations. You just feel out of place for a tumbuka to be amongst chewa party similarly a chewa in a Lomwe party. The only party that doesn’t provide that feeling is UTM. They convince voters on ideas, no feelings, tribal linkages or regionalism.

The mess by MCP is a just a prove of all. That we shouldn’t trust the country’s treasure on people based on their tribes rather abilities. The disappointments around town tells how the political landscape is going to change in 2023 and how MCP is going to lose in 2025. We are geared to run a revolution that sees no tribe rather a rescue of Malawi.

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