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Why should Malawians pay 40billion on the donated fertiliser?


Today is the day that Malawians will see the consummated picture of the corrupt regime that they have in office.

A simple working definition of Corruption is:

“Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power.”

This is exactly how the AIP project has been fashioned and is going to be launched by Chakwera, the King of Corruption today.

In the speech that he is going to give today, Chakwera, simply is not going to tell Malawians the truth. He thus far know the truth but he is not going to give it to the people as he should.

Malawians need to know how their money has been spent on AIP in real life figures. AIP receive the biggest portion from the agriculture budget.

Malawians need to know the truth about ADMARC.

Why is Lowe et al not arrested up to now?

Malawians need to know why poor people should buy fertiliser that has been donated from Morocco and Russia. What is the moral reason for doing that?

Why should Malawians pay 40 billion on the donated fertiliser? Why are Malawians being showcased as stupid in this kind of way?

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