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Human Rights Activist Chisa Mbele recounts ordeal in Namitete Police walls

I’m infinitely grateful to Namitete Police. They were considerate and caring. Professional Officers and their Madam Officer in Charge who has a human heart.

They made sure we’re taken care of within the confines of rules of services rendered to people in custody. We were transferred to Namitete for Safekeeping from Area 3 Police.

Frankly, I didn’t know I was at Namitete. After being severely assaulted, I and my colleague were handcuffed and put on Land Cruiser. By BP shot and I lost my awareness. I didn’t know how we traveled, when we arrived or how I was offloaded from the vehicle.

It was only after some hours later when I regained my full consciousness that I was told we were at Namitete.

The OC & other Officers came to greet us in the Cell. She asked what we would like to eat. I jokingly replied: Mpunga ndi Nkhuku ya Pamazira kapena Linunda.

Few hours later. We got our meals. I got Rice & Chicken as requested. I temporarily forgot that I was in pain. I can now say I have two Homes. Lumbadzi and Namitete.

(a) Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa surprised me with a visit. To be honest, I felt so much strengthened. I wasn’t mentally stable so the conversation was kept simple.

(b) Hon Yeremia Chihana & Mai Onabo came to see us. He was very much concerned that I got serverly assaulted and wasn’t accorded medical attention.

(c) Human Rights Commission came to see us. It was an investigation visit. Much appreciated to Madam Secretary Habiba Osman. Your team was very thorough very professional. I wouldn’t like anyone to go through what I have gone through in our democratic dispensation.

We are now returning to a brutal state. Malawi Congress Party (MCP) ndi Boma loipa kwambiri. Worse than crocodiles themselves.

Many more people came to Namitete. For their own privacy I will not name them except to say, I’m so much grateful to each one of you.

You made the pain much less. We need to remove this Administration come 2025.

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