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Airtel Launches Voice Africa Malawi Edition

we are driven by the purpose to transform lives- Chavula Chirwa

One of the country’s leading mobile network provider Airtel Malawi has launched the ‘Voice Africa Malawi’ aimed at unearthing next melodic singing stars.

The event which took place on Tuesday in Blantyre will create conducive platform for talented artists to battle it up by showcasing their skills on the biggest venue under the banner ‘The Voice Africa’.

The final voice Africa, a singing competition will be held in September 2023 and the winner will walk away with $100,000 which is equivalent to slightly over K100 Million as well as a music contract.

Head of Brands, Public Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility at Airtel Malawi Norah Chavula Chirwa said the event will bring together 14 countries, with 7 participants from each selected Nation.

Chirwa spoke highly of the competition saying that it will lead to local talents being recognized on a major platform, with competitors and winners having a gateway to fame and success.

She said the selected in each country will receive $5,000 which is equivalent to slightly over five million kwacha. And they will undergo intense coaching by vocal and performance trainers in Nigeria.

“As a business, we are driven by the purpose to transform lives, and that means unlocking the potential for people to grow .The voice gives us an incredible platform to help discover and champion the musical talents of young musicians, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

“We encourage all who have a talent in music, and who love music to participate. It is a big opportunity to access the biggest coaches and mentors in Africa, and can get a chance to become known all across Africa,”

In her remarks Atupele Clara Mahata a singer has urged musicians in the country to utilize the opportunity as one way of achieving their dreams.

“This is a very good platform because it’s not only selecting one person but 7 different artists. This is a big opportunity because 14 countries from Africa are participating, this will actually help Malawi as well the artists to put on the map,” she said

The Voice is the leading competition format music and entertainment show in the world which is airing in over 180 countries.

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