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The Nameless Comes Out Of Retirement

By Harold Kapindu

The legendary Hip Hop group, The Nameless has this week made a comeback following their feature on AziBambo latest track titled “20 Forever”.

“20 forever” was produced by Nefter and Strxxt Knowledge.

In an interview, AziBambo member, Nematrix described the collaboration as one of a kind in the history of urban music.

“You can’t talk about Malawian Hip Hop without acknowledging Nameless as among the pioneers of this genre in our country. Late along you have to respect the custodians of real hip hop, and we just did in addition to feeling privileged and honoured to have them jump on our track,” he said.

You can’t talk about Malawian Hip Hop without acknowledging Nameless- NAMATRIX

Nematrix further added that the song is aimed at bridging the gap between the new and old generation.

“We are bringing in a generational chain of what real hip hop is hoping it will pass on to the next generation,” he explained.

In his remarks, The Nameless member, Aimor expressed his excitement towards the project.

“It feels great to work with Azibambo on a solid hard-core project. This is the type of Hip Hop which is rare these days so it’s always been exciting,” he said.

He further promised more projects.

“It’s fireworks of course on this one and it’s been a wakeup call to us that we still have some gas left and we could work on some more great music,” Aimor added.

It feels great to work with Azibambo on a solid hard-core project-AIMOR

AziBambo Rap/Hip Hop group comprises Blaq Gestapol, Rappa Young O and Nematrix.

Commenting on the group name, Nematrix said, “AziBambo in English its fathers. We are fathers in Hip Hop and even on personal individual level. Our role is to provide parenting to Hip Hop artists in Malawi as custodians of the genre.”

AziBambo wants to reach out and touch young talented Hip Hop artists who fail to be recognized by giving them the chance to shine and mentor them.

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