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Rev. Mangisa of St. Columba CCAP in SMEs Teachings

By Titani Chiwalo

Blantyre, March 30, Mana: St. Columba Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Moderator, Rev. Reynold Mangisa has launched teachings on small and medium enterprise for the youth on how to venture into entrepreneurship following the teachings which took place over the weekend at the Church in Blantyre.  

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Tuesday, he said most of the youth have one source of income instead of creating other sources to avoid depending on a single source only.

“If the young ones will start investing their money through small and medium enterprises, there will be high chances of job creation and that will help many youths to be self-reliant. One most important thing that Malawi has to do is to teach the young ones how to earn money without relying on somebody to employee them,”

The teachings launched will be in phases since there is hope to reach many youths in Malawi and the teachings are not limited to CCAP youths only, according to Mangisa.  

One of the youths at St. Columba CCAP, Tiyamike Kamtukule said that, “For a very long time, the youth in the country have been accustomed to the false assumption that for one to succeed in life they need to find a stable job.”

“Rev. Mangisa’s lessons have enlightened us that being an employee should not be one’s goal in life; young people should venture into entrepreneurship. The lessons have opened my mind and given me ideas on what I can do to have extra income without relying a job,” she said.

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