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Police Nearly Beat Likoma Community Radio Journalist to Death

Malibisa Nearly Beaten to Death

Police officers in Likoma Island have come under fire for assaulting Likoma Community Radio Station Journalist Oliver Malibisa.

Malibisa was arrested, assaulted and detained by officers from Likoma Police Station in the morning of Wednesday, June 30, 2021. 

According to Chairperson for Media Institute for Southern Africa (Misa-Malawi), Tereza Ndanga the journalist was arrested while on duty covering demonstrations by Likoma Secondary school students.

“One of the police officers repeatedly hit Malibisa on the chest with a gun and was later joined by seven other officers in dragging the journalist into a waiting police vehicle.

Malibisa was detained at Likoma Police Station for about two hours before the officer-in-charge ordered for his unconditional release. 

The officers also browsed through his phone to delete pictures they thought he had taken,” said Ndanga

She further said: “MISA Malawi takes the arrest, assault and detention of Malibisa as a direct attack on media freedom as provided for under section 36 of the Republican Constitution.

Police have an obligation to protect all Malawians and enforce laws and it is very unfortunate that police officers are in the forefront violating media freedom by attacking journalists for simply doing their job.”

Meanwhile, Misa-Malawi has appealed to the Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service Dr. George Kainja to reprimand and discipline officers who abuse their powers by attacking journalists.

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