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Grand Business Park or Grand Graveyard?…Malawians slam new bus terminal as substandard

The newly designated bus terminal and business park, Grand Business Park in Lilongwe, has been met with ridicule and criticism on social media, with many Malawians comparing it to a graveyard due to its substandard appearance.

The Lilongwe City Council (LCC) recently announced that all bus owners and operators must relocate to the new terminal by June 24, 2024.

However, photos of the facility have sparked outrage and mockery on social media platforms, with many calling it a “tombstone”.

Facebook users have flooded the comments section of a post sharing the news, expressing their disbelief and disappointment at the state of the terminal.

“This is a joke, right? It looks like a graveyard!” wrote one user.

“How can they expect us to operate our businesses in such a place?” asked another.

Others have questioned the logic behind the relocation, citing the lack of amenities and poor infrastructure at the new terminal.

“It’s like they want to kill our businesses. This place is not fit for a market, let alone a bus terminal,” said a frustrated bus owner.

The LCC has yet to respond to the backlash, but the public outcry suggests that the new terminal may not be ready for prime time.

As one social media user quipped, “Maybe they should rename it ‘Grand Graveyard Park”

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