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Saulos Chilima, the Lion Sleeps Tonight

By Thumbiko Nyirongo, Contributor

In the jungle of Malawi’s sorrow, the mighty lion of peace, Vice-President Saulos Chilima, sleeps tonight.

His roar of love and unity has fallen silent, but his legacy lives on.

As the sun set over Ntcheu district, the casket containing Chilima’s remains was lowered into the grave, surrounded by the quiet jungle of mourners.

The Malawi Defence Forces rendered a 19-gun salute, a final farewell to a leader who preached peace and love.

In attendance at the burial ceremony were Head of State Lazarus Chakwera and his wife Monica, former President Peter Mutharika, who is also the President of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and other dignitaries.

In the village of Nsipe, the peaceful village, Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa’s words echoed through the primary school ground, “Let us turn to God, the main witness who knows what happened.”

He called for peace, just as Chilima had, saying, “If you have stones in your hands, throw them away. If you have pangas, use them for household chores, not hacking others.”

As the lion sleeps tonight, his legacy roars on, a reminder to Malawians to maintain peace and love.

Chilima’s dream, though cut short, will become a reality, his family and friends vowed.

In the jungle of memories, Chilima’s laughter and smile will forever resonate, a happy, loving and kind person who loved his country.

His legacy will continue to inspire, a lesson to every Catholic member to be committed and devoted to God’s work.

As the lion sleeps tonight, Malawi mourns, but also celebrates the life of a patriot who loved peace.

Rest in peace, Vice-President Saulos Chilima, your roar of peace will never be forgotten.

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