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Archbishop Msusa Calls for Peace at Chilima’s Funeral

Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa of the Archdiocese of Blantyre has urged Malawians to maintain peace and love, following the death of Vice-President Saulos Chilima.

Speaking at the funeral mass for Chilima today in Ntcheu, Msusa said, “Let us turn to God… He is the main witness and knows what happened.”

The Archbishop also called for calm, saying, “If you have stones in your hands, throw them away. If you have pangas, use them for household chores, not hacking others.”

He praised Chilima as a man of peace, saying, “He died in a plane with the Malawi flag… His legacy shouldn’t be soiled in his death as he loved peace.”

Msusa also suggested that the Catholic Church consider Chilima’s canonization, saying, “While it takes about five years for one to be considered for sainthood, I ask the Catholic Church to assess Chilima’s status.”

Others who paid tribute to Chilima included his family members, who described him as a loving and kind person who was destined to become a global leader.

Mary Chilima’s family urged all to refrain from violence, saying, “Chilima was a patriot who loved peace.”

The funeral service currently underway is being attended by dignitaries from across the country, who came to pay their respects to the late Vice-President.

Chilima’s death has been met with widespread mourning, with many calling for peace and unity in his memory.

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