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Msonda hails MCP for blocking his “selfish ambitions”

In a surprising turn of events, Ken Msonda, a recent defector to the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), has praised the party’s leadership for introducing new rules that effectively block his own ambitions to hold a National Governing Committee (NGC) position.

The new rules, announced on April 29, 2024, require a minimum of two years of party membership and demonstrated commitment to the party’s goals for nomination to the NGC.

Msonda, who defected to the MCP recently, would not have met this criteria.

In a statement, Msonda described the move as “good” and claimed it would prevent “greedy politicians” from holding NGC positions.

However, his own actions suggest that he was one of the “greedy politicians” the new rules aim to prevent.

By introducing these rules, the MCP has effectively blocked Msonda’s selfish ambitions, ensuring that only dedicated and committed party members can hold leadership positions.

Msonda’s praise for the MCP’s decision is seen as a clever attempt to save face, as he was unlikely to meet the new criteria.

The rules have also affected other recent defectors, including Ulad Mussa and Esther Mcheka Chilenje, who will also be ineligible to contest NGC positions.

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