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Bakili Muluzi’s son Atupele endorsed as UDF torchbearer  

We will develop Malawi-Muluzi

The opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) National Executive Committee (NEC) has unanimously endorsed former party’s president Atupele Muluzi as its presidential candidate for 2025 elections.

UDF’s spokesperson Yusuf Mwawa confirmed the development at a political rally held over the week-end at Makalanga CCAP Ground in Blantyre. He slated that NEC agreed to back Muluzi’s candidacy at the upcoming party convention.

“We believe in his potential and wisdom, considering his impeccable record both within our party and at the national level,” said Mwawa as quoted by African Brief

Mwawa added that: “NEC agreed unanimously that when we go to the Party Convention, we must make Atupele Muluzi our presidential candidate for the 2025 elections,”

However, Mwawa clarified that the party would allow challenges to Muluzi’s candidacy, as the UDF values democratic principles.

“We will not prevent anyone from challenging Atupele’s candidature, as the UDF is a democratic party that values individual ambitions,” said Mwawa

In one of his messages the former UDF leader, Atupele who left the party to venture into business, said he is the only hope for Malawians.

Atupele, son to former President Bakili Muluzi, was UDF candidate in the 2014 presidential elections where he came fourth and in the nullified 2019 presidential also lost.

In the 2020 fresh presidential elections, Muluzi was running mate to former President Peter Mutharika of the Democratic Progressive Party.

UDF, a prominent political party in Malawi, was founded in 1992 by former president Dr. Muluzi otherwise known as “Atcheya”.

It came into power in 1994 under Muluzi, who was in power until 2004, serving two terms. It continued in power under Bingu wa Mutharika; however Muluzi remained the head of the party.

After succeeding Muluzi, Mutharika came into conflict with much of the party, including Muluzi, and he left the party in February 2005 to form the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In 2009, it was the DPP which won the election. This led to mass defections from the UDF to the ruling DPP. The party however, continued to restructure.

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