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Private Schools Association of Malawi (PRISAM), which aims to improve education in the city’s private schools, launched the Mzuzu Chapter on Monday after successfully launching the Blantyre and Lilongwe Chapters.

Private Schools in Mzuzu were urged to join the association, according to PRISAM Vice President,Patricia Chisi, so they can gain access to PRISAM SACCO, among other advantages.

To be a part of the better private schools, the president encouraged Mzuzu private schools to join the association.

“We established this chapter to encourage owners of private schools to join the association and take advantage of the many advantages we promised to start a new chapter in Mzuzu and today we announce the establishment of this Mzuzu Chapter.

All private school owners in Mzuzu , both urban and rural, have received letters from the association inviting them to join the PRISAM Mzuzu Chapter. We urged them to speak with one voice because this is their mother’s body,” Chisi said.

She expressed his happiness that the group’s membership was expanding and reminded private school administrators that PRISAM is a membership-driven organization and that its primary goal is to serve the interests of all participating schools, not just those of its members.

Since then, Chisi has urged school administrators to adhere to government recommendations on private schools.

Every private school under our organisation must adhere to government regulations.

As the newly appointed chair of the Mzuzu Chapter, Mayor Thomas Chirwa stated his priorities are to increase membership, enhance education, and collaborate with all parties, including the government, to accomplish a common objective.

He has since praised the PRISAM launch, saying it came at the perfect time after so much anticipation.

He also said that they are delighted because PRISAM Mzuzu chapter has been launched together with SACCO.

PRISAM SACCO is open even to Civil Servants and other employees from companies and NGO’s.

During the Mzuzu Chapter elections, Chrissy Mkandawire was voted as the Vice President, while Florence Chabwera was elected as the Secretary.

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