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PRISAM hails government for recruiting teachers from across Malawi

PRISAM President Dr Ernest Kaonga

Private Schools Owners Association of Malawi-PRISAM has hailed government for recruiting teachers across the country saying the move will assist in improving quality of education in the country.

PRISAM President, Dr Ernest Kaonga, said this development will significantly contribute to positive strides towards improvement of education standards in the country.

“This development shows government commitment to addressing the critical shortage of teachers nationwide which is essential for nurturing academic excellence and fostering effective teaching and learning environments,” he said.

However, Kaonga pleaded with the teachers who were in the private schools to go with good intentions because some of them are running from private sector to government because they are lazy.

“They cannot withstand the heat,pressure from the private sector.Some of them wants to be in their comfort zone.Thats why they feel like there is job security due to lack of checks and balances,”he said.

Ministry of Education recruited and promoted 9,753 secondary school teachers; 2,681 have been recruited and 2,259 promoted at TI and TJ grades while 3,997 teachers have been promoted as senior teachers, grade TH and 316 teachers to the position of heads of department which is grade TG and 500 teachers as head teachers (grade TG).

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