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USA TURNS BLUE: DPP to launch a wing in USA

MANDALA: We welcome all Malawians interested in transforming the country

The former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is set to launch a wing in United States of America (USA) dubbed DPP-USA Wing.

The DPP-USA Wing, according to its interim chairperson Joseph Mandala, will have members from US, Canada, Mexico, and other US territories.

He said, among others, the DPP-USA wing gives platform to Malawians in USA and other US territories to participate in the meaningful economic and political development of Malawi which is in line with DPP’s constitution.

The DPP’s Constitution (as amended 2018) provides in Article 5(1)(iii) that the DPP shall serve and observe the interests of Malawians by “[e]encouraging all Malawians in the Diaspora to participate in the economic and political development of Malawi.”

Mandala says: “We formed the DPP-USA wing because the DPP is the only political party in Malawi whose Constitution fully recognizes the interests of Malawians in the Diaspora. We heeded the call to participate not only in economic development, but also in the sustainable political, social, and technological development of the country.  You may recall, it was during the DPP that the duo-citizenship law was initiated.

“The reason was to make Malawians in the diaspora remain actively connected and engaged in providing for the needs of the country in all areas of sustainable national development. You may wish to know that our neighbor Mozambique reserves parliamentary seats for their constituent Diasporas,”

He further added: “We are not yet at the level of Mozambique or Kenya that now permits its Diasporas to vote. However, the time of watching as the country gets looted and destroyed in broad daylight is over. We shall encourage our members to be active in the political and economic development of our country.”

Mandala then called upon all Malawians in the US, Canada, Mexico, and other US territories to consider joining DPP USA regardless of their political affiliations.

“We all share the one common goal of removing the gigantic problem Malawi faces, which is Lazarus Chakwera and his MCP leaders who were elected to transform the country but have specialized in theft and plunder of public resources and economic mismanagement,” said Mandala

He adds: “We welcome all Malawians interested in transforming the country, particularly because we all suffer together the effects of the political and insensitive economic mismanagement under the MCP leaders.

“For example, the devaluation of the Kwacha for a net importing country which may have benefited MCP leaders is negatively affecting all Malawians regardless of their political party affiliations.”

Mandala said among other activities, DPP-USA Wing will be engaging in fundraising drive to support the DPP, which not only constitutionalized the interests of Diasporas, but which also took steps towards the operationalization of duo-citizenship.

The wing will also be encouraging its members to offer their skillset and professional expertise to the general functioning of the Party and Country; and also encouraging its members (who have the capacity) to actively participate in politics to run for positions as candidates within the Party as well as within the national political space. 

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