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Chimbota CDO to raise K100 million for hunger-stricken families  

By Thumbiko Nyirongo, Contributor

As one way of raising funds for the hunger stricken families, Chimbota Community Development Organisation, has organized a fundraising big walk scheduled to take place from February 23 to 25 this year.

The fundraising big-walk which will start from Ndirande in Blantyre to Thyolo district, according to Kevin Troughton the Co-Director for Chimbota CDO, targets to raise about k100 million (One hundred Million kwacha).

“We have organized this fundraising to raise funds amounting to K100 million to help hunger stricken families from Blantyre and Thyolo districts,” said Troughton in an interview with the publication on Tuesday.

Apart from the big-walk, Chimbota CDO intends to approach business leaders, organizations and donor Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to help in raising the funds which will be used to support the most needy and vulnerable, particularly children, elderly and disabled people.

“In order to reach our target of MK 100 million, we will need to bring in money from large donors. We want to reach business leaders, banks and financial organizations, NGOs and others, both in Malawi and outside

“The need is urgent, as people are already suffering, and many of the most vulnerable people will not survive until this year’s harvest,” said the Chimbota CDO, a non-profit organisation operating in the country.

At the end of 2023, reports began to come in that hunger and malnutrition were rising to dangerous levels in Malawi.

Since the New Year, the problem has worsened. Many people have been surviving on wild plants, Madeya and mangoes, but now that the mango season is almost finished, even that lifeline will be gone.

Planting was late in many regions, which means that the harvest will also be late. The price of fertilizer is too high for many people to afford, leading to worries, already, about next year’s harvest.

Chimbota CDO exists to bring development to the area of Sub Traditional Authority (STA) Mundola to the south of Nkhata Bay boma; and now it is expanding its programs in Blantyre and surrounding districts.

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