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ROAD TO 2025: Nankhumwa needs sober, level-headed strategists

By Lyson Sibande

Once, in 2019, I had the chance of visiting Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa’s house in Luchenza. He invited me there. One of the few good politicians to ever extend such love to me.

 In the house compound, he had/has an office. In the office, he had a small statue (Chiboliboli) of Arthur Peter Mutharika- APM.

When I saw that statue, I realized how much he loved and adored APM. Now I can only imagine that he burned it.

But why am I talking about this?

I want to advise Nankhumwa for the last time to go back to Democratic Progressive Party-DPP. He loves DPP and he loves APM, that’s why he had his statue in his office.

APM unknowingly or deliberately disappointed and betrayed him. He is bitter.

But his future is still in DPP. He can shake the party now, but he won’t bring it down. It’s him who will eventually go down. If he forms his party, that party can’t win elections.

If he partners with Malawi Congress Party-MCP, he might help MCP to win, but MCP will consume and finish him after they win just like they did with Chilima.

MCP can’t keep a promise. They will just use him as he buries his political career.

Nankhumwa needs sober, level-headed and brilliant strategists now. He needs a team of mature and skilled negotiators that are also masters of diplomacy to mediate talks with DPP leadership for his return. They can agree on certain terms of his return.

For example, they can agree that he will return but won’t contest at the convention this year, but will be guaranteed a senior ministerial position should DPP win, etc.

Otherwise, I am deeply concerned that he is destroying his political future at such an age.  I won’t advise you again KN. But I wish you the best

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