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State Vice President Dr Saulosi Klaus Chilma is scheduled to address the nation soon regarding “major developments” that have taken place since his UTM party joined the Tonse Alliance government.

Spokesperson for the party, Felix Njawala has told two local radios in the country that Chilima will soon “break the silence” and clear the air.

“We know that many Malawians are eagerly waiting to hear from their ‘next State President’ from 2025, but I can assure them that Chilima is to address them soon.

“We were voted to bring economic and political salvation to the people. That we have accomplished or not what our manifestos say, it is up the voters who shall judge us again in 2025 as team or as an individual party,” said Njawala.

Njawala was reacting to the legal implications that Chilima is facing on his political path to 2025.

If the Sattar case does not get disposed off by end of year, Chilima may go to the polls with a huge baggage to carry and explain and that may cost his ambitions.

By the “grace of the constitution” Chilima survived the chop from his alliance partner President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera after the State through ACB arrested him for allegedly getting millions of Kwcha from Sattar.

In return, Chilima has asked the State to provide all classified information that MDF Council had with President Chakwera on the same matter before it was found in the public domain, a thing government is vehemently refusing to do.

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