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Lucius Banda’s Cease fire, the most sold album in Malawi

Photo credit: Lucius Banda Facebook

Veteran musician cum politician Soldier Lucius Banda’s Cease Fire album is the highest sold album in Malawi.

According to Banda, the album which was released in 1996 sold about 2 million copies, a record breaking history.

“Cease fire sold 2million copies, probably Malawi’s highest selling album ever,” Banda posted on his official facebook page.

The Album, which sold 600,000 copies in the first week of its release, was produced by Sir Paul Banda at IY studios.

Keyboards were done by Lucius and Paul chaphuka, Bass Felix jere, backing vocals Elizabeth Kachali and finally lead guitar Sir Paul banda.

The album has songs such as Cease Fire, Mukawatule, Down Babylon, Njira Zawo among other hit songs.

Banda, better known by his stage name Soldier Lucius Banda, is a Malawian singer-songwriter, music producer and politician from Balaka, Malawi.

His music career started in 1983 when he was 13 years old when he started singing with his brother Paul Banda and leader of Alleluya Band.

He first appeared on stage in 1985 with his brother’s led Alleluya Band.

Banda started his music career while in elementary school at Mponda Full Primary School.To further his music career Lucius Banda decided to go to music school in South Africa.

Icing on the cake: Lucius and Namadingo

 This dream was fulfilled in 1993 when he joined Dorkey house in Johannesburg, where he spent one full year studying music

He recorded his first album titled ‘Son of a Poor Man’ at shandel music studio with the help of producer George Arigone (an Argentinian) on backing vocals.

He had Nomhlanlha nkhize and the now famous gospel singer Debora Freser. His album became popular because of hits like Mabala, Get up stand up, Linda and Life On Earth. From there he launched his long career of music which takes him to date.

In 1997, Banda formed his own band, Zembani after recording his fourth album (Take Over) with the intention to help local and up keeping musicians in Malawi.

Meanwhile, many artists in Malawi have been promoted through the auspices of his Zembani Music Band.

Zembani Band has grown into one of the most celebrated music groups across Africa. His music is loved by millions in Africa.

He is well known as the voice of the poor and those who ca not be heard. His music depicts the social, economic and cultural constraints faced by ordinary Malawians.

He has also been a voice against social injustices and inequalities prevalent among African leaders and politicians.

He was controversial to Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s regime. He was the first Malawian musician to sing openly against political oppression in Malawi during the decades of one-party rule.

Lucius has been host to many popular musicians, helping to begin the careers of Mlaka Maliro, Paul Chaphuka, Billy Kaunda, Cosi Chiwalo, Wendy Harawa, Emma Masauko, Enort Mbandambanda and Charles Nsaku.

Lucius Banda has experienced the hardest of times as a musician as his music has either been banned censored and sometimes denied venues and segregated against by government.

In 2010 he released another album, 15-15- my song, which was banned by the state broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

In June 2010, Banda and other musicians from Malawi were invited to play in Germany. Their venue in Cologne was the key point for an upcoming 2011 Lucius Banda Europe tour.

His travelling to Germany attracted a lot of public and political interest in Malawi. He released Thank you album in 2015. Currently he has nineteen albums to his credit.

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