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Walter the backbone of football in Malawi

Walter with CAF President, Patrice Motsepe

Walter Nyamilandu Manda remains a human capital that Malawi has built over time. It’s up to the delegates to let Malawi benefit from such an investment or just flush out as such.

Walter with former Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger

In case they flush him out , then we will have to start reinvesting & building Fleetwood to reach the level of Walter, which he can reach but the process will be costly & time consuming thereby delaying development which could easily be achieved with having Walter at the helm of FAM.

Walter in Egypt riding a donkey

It will be an opportunity lost to lose Walter at this election, Malawi needs Walter more than Walter needs Malawi. But since several institutions are used by the political machinery in fighting him , we will trust Walter’s fate into the delegates to do the needful.

Walter with FIFA President, Giovanni Vincenzo “Gianni” Infantino

This week, we have already seen the FAM electoral Committee defending unethical /conflict of interest issue. We know what is happening and why. However, it’s infact more important to choose sides at crucial times like this because silence means siding with the oppressors.We chose Walter amidst all adversity. We hope history will judge us fairly.

Lastly, leadership is never for experiment, we have seen how it ends.

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