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MNSC is irresponsible and full of bullshit…favouring Haiya won’t do them any good

Coming to the 16 December, 2023 elective Conference, the letter by MNSC is misguided and an unwarranted attempt to influence and meddle into the elections in favour of one particular candidate. This is irresponsible.

What MNSC should have done if one has to take their cries seriously should have been to call for all the Reports and Minutes for all the Affiliates where they feel delegates were influenced.

Targeting SRFA only and not SULOM and NRFA simply because MNSC is against other candidates is very unfair, illogical and unprofessional. One even wonders as to the legal basis for their interference.

Reading their statures closely you find ‘none’. MNSC should investigate the change of money in the North by Haiya. The bulldozing of his candidature at SULOM.

They are happy to allow Haiya contest while still serving as a Director of Nyasa Big bullets. This is bullshit on the part of MNSC. Let this body learn that favouring a candidate won’t do them any good. Let them wait for the 16th.

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