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Malawian business mogul Mulli calls for mouth piece of African businesses

Malawian business mogul Leston Mulli has advocated for the establishment of a mouth of African businesses that will be championing business growth in Africa so too protecting the interests of businesses from political interference from governments.

Speaking to business executives at the Inter-African Trade Fair in Egypt, the multi-investor stated that when governments change in Africa, businesses get affected.

Mulli said: “Business people have to be ready that their business will either suffer or prosper when governments change in Africa. But this not ought to be the case. This is where the mouth piece is coming in.”

With business interests in Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malawi, the Mulli Brothers Limited Chairman and Chief Executive Officer applauded Afreximbank for establishing the Pan African Payment Systems (PAPS) which will ease payments in Africa.

The bank has further established insurance for goods in transit within Africa.

On the economic front, Mulli called African Governments to ensure that indigenous people are incorporated in businesses.

He stated; “In as much as we talk of Foreign Direct Investment, we can still go no further in developing our economies if our people remain spectators on the sidelines.”

Afreximbank is set to disburse resources to business in Africa even amount to as much as US$ 2 billion.

FDH Bank, a bank established by an indigenous Malawi Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira, is also one of the sponsors of the trade fair.

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