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Nankhumwa for abolishment of death penalty, calls it inhumane, cruel

Nankhumwa and Zambia’s Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha shake hands after the meeting

Malawi’s leader of opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa says death penalty is cruel and inhumane as it is against the spirit of the Malawi’s Constitution that protects the sanctity of life.

He was speaking today at Parliament Building in Lilongwe when he met the International Commission Against Death Penalty ( ICADP) which is led by Zambia’s Attorney General, Mulilo Kabesha.

In his remarks, Nankhumwa said government has a responsibility to bring the Bill to Parliament as soon as possible so that Members of Parliament scrap off the harsh Act from the laws of Malawi.

“Ending death penalty would show the world that as country, we are focused and determined not to be uncivil, retrogressive, inhumane and dark,” said Nankhumwa who is also Democratic Progressive Party( DPP) presidential aspirant.

He further said persons who are on death row, are subjected to psychological torture which too is against the spirit of constitution of Malawi.

He is therefore, of the view that the sanctity of life is inviolable and that he will lead the crusade against death sentence.

‘By the way, there is the ‘global trend towards the universal abolition’ of the death penalty and Malawi can not be doing things that are against the order of the nature,” said Nankhumwa who is DPP Vice President for the Southern region.

In his remarks, Zambian Attorney General, Kabesha said Zambia has successfully abolished it because the country feels killing each other is ungodly and undemocratic.

He further parried away fears that abolishing death penalty would lead to increased lawlessness as that is not backed by evidence.

Death penalty is executed when a citizen breach serious offenses such as murder, drug trafficking, treason and terrorism.

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