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UN warns staff of Malawi’s current state of insecurity

…contradicts minister’s position

The United Nations (UN) has warned its members of staff in Malawi of the current state of Malawi’s insecurity.

This comes barely hours after Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma downplayed the situation, describing it as just isolated cases and that people are aiming to tarnish government.

But in a confidential statement released to the staff members, the global influential body informed “all UNSMS staff members that acts of criminality such as murder, violent armed robbery, street crimes, house burglary, and vehicle break-ins are on the upsurge in Lilongwe and in all other major towns and cities across the country “

The statement added: “while there are no indications that USMS personnel and their dependents are specifically targeted, it is important for UNSMS personnel and their dependents to be aware of potential increases in the threat of opportunistic crime and residential robberies and adopt a heightened personal security posture.”

Within a space of five days, the country has recorded three gruesome murder incidents in the capital city Lilongwe.

 Meanwhile, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has summoned the Minister of Homeland Security and the Inspector General of Police to address the nation on these security challenges.

The Police have since released a press statement assuring the nation that they are making positive headway towards the arrest of the culprits.

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