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UTM and MCP should not have won that 2020 elections case

By Lyson Sibande

Chilima, Chakwera asked to practice issue based campaign

After a careful analysis of the 2020 court judgements on the disputed 2019 Presidential Elections and events surrounding it, I see that only one person lost and was the victim. That person is former President Peter Mutharika.

That case was too weak. UTM and MCP should not have won that case. never!! But DPP didn’t put up a good fight, especially after the High Court judgment.

DPP didn’t do good homework of possible clandestine activities behind the judiciary and failed to take advantage of clear loopholes in the High Court judgment during appeal to the Supreme Court.

I think DPP strategists and NGC or someone whom the president trusted on this betrayed him. In fact, all MPs of DPP betrayed APM here because as long as they were not touched by the judgement, they were fine to let Mutharika fall alone.

If Mutharika would see what I see here, he would have retired and shelve any ambition to stand again. He is not as powerful in DPP as he thinks and he could be humiliated at the Convention if he tried to contest against the wishes of the real powerful people in DPP who made him lose the presidency in the first place.

My point is simple. Bwana APM, you were not supposed to lose that case, but something within your own party was also not right. You were left to lose.

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