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Vandalism of SRWB main pipe leaves Zomba taps dry

Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) says it has shut down water supply in Zomba City and surrounding areas due to vandalism of the main water transmission line from Mulunguzi Dam to the board’s main treatment plant by unknown people.

The board’s director of operations, engineer Tisungane Kapalamula explained that the board received complaints from customers that they were getting dirty water with low pressure and their assessment revealed that anchor metal straps that hold the pipeline in joints to allow safe flow of water have been stolen.

Kapalamula said due to water pressure the pipeline joints detached causing a blast. He further said the board has deployed a contractor to the site to rectify the fault which he projected may last at least four days.

“The board will be supplying water to the customers through water bowsers including those borrowed from the Blantyre Water Board, Malawi Defence Force and the Malawi Police Services,” he said.

Kapalamula further called on the residents of the city to join hands with the board and the police to report any person found in possession of the stolen metals.-NATION ONLINE

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