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A TNM customer transacting on the network in Ntandire

The trajectory for TNM operations in Lilongwe is looking better after the operator upgraded network resulting in a better experience for voice and internet users.

In random interviews, customers say they are now experiencing better speed of internet and voice calls on the TNM network.

The residents say they have noted remarkable improvements on the TNM network since April this year.

Andrina Macheso a resident of Area 43 said she is experiencing better download speeds and voice quality. “I have indeed noticed remarkable changes. It’s a totally new experience,” says Macheso.

Aerial view of Lilongwe City

Another resident, Abinala Jenti in Area 23 near Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Barracks says he is so far impressed with his improved experience following the upgrades.

“At first, I used to experience delays to connect when I answered the phone, but now it’s spontaneous. For Internet speed, I have always thought the TNM internet to be more stable and offering faster speed at affordable rates, especially with the Yanga 4G bundle,” he says.

TNM’s Chief Technical Officer Lloyd Gowera confirmed the upgrades saying they have been completed after months of what he described as an “optimisation project” that aimed to improve TNM network’s adaptability to high-call volume demand, internet connectivity speeds and address congestion.

“We are pleased to announce that upon completion of this exercise, TNM customers can now enjoy better voice reception, quicker connectivity when making and receiving calls, higher speeds in terms of Internet downloads and connectivity,” says Gowera.

He says the project has contributed to overall improvements of customer experience in both coverage expansion, data, and voice services.

“The Lilongwe project aimed at further improving the quality of services on the network, with the goal of achieving an overall upgrade in the quality of services and experience of our customers in capital city,” he adds.

GOWERA: The results are overwhelming

According to Gowera, the Lilongwe optimization project covered upgrades for 2G, 3G and 4G networks to improve coverage and quality. He says soon TNM shall be rolling out the 5G network.

“The results are overwhelming; 4G speeds improved by an average of 27 percent. For 3G, a 30 percent improvement was also experienced in the time taken for a call to establish between the users. Other notable improvements are network coverage which has been enhanced by 3 percent, while voice quality experience has improved by 9 percent,” says Gowera.

With these upgrades, the Chief Technical Officer declares that TNM now has the ‘best network’ in Lilongwe highlighting that they have deployed the best technology on the market powered by TNM’s technology partners, Huawei.

Reflecting on the journey to completion, Gowera notes that key challenge during the project was to balance resource utilisation especially in high density areas.

TNM Chief Executive Officer Michel Hebert: This is part of the journey for TNM to become the best internet service provider that will empower every Malawian digitally

TNM Chief Executive Officer, Michel Hebert underscores the significance of the upgrades in the perspective of Lilongwe as Malawi’s administrative capital, and now a sprawling hub of commerce, real estate development and commercial farming.

“These upgrades are important to Lilongwe and surrounding districts considering the strategic importance of Lilongwe as Malawi’s administrative capital, and the new settlement for residents supporting government business and commerce in the city. I invite all that are yet to use the enhanced network, to try and enjoy the amazing experience,” says Hebert.

Hebert says the upgrade is part of TNM’s drive to provide the best customer experience everywhere in the company, from the network, systems, sales, and services.

“This is part of the journey for TNM to become the best internet service provider that will empower every Malawian digitally,” he says.

Looking ahead, he adds that after Lilongwe, the network upgrade is now extending to the country’s key cities and towns to give the best experience across Malawi.

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