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Luchenza Municipal Council’s improper planning worries PAC

By Lovemore Khomo

BOTOMANI: we need to have a blueprint for the councils to mirror their developmental activities

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament has expressed worry over improper planning of Luchenza Municipal Council as it has not have strategic plan since 2015.

PAC chairperson Mark Bottomani was speaking on Wednesday during an oversight meeting held at Parliament Building, Lilongwe where he said the the committee is surprised to see Luchenza Municipal Council operating without any guiding document for the development of their people.

“I’m sure this is not a norm and shouldn’t be entertained as a country, because we need to have a blueprint for the councils to mirror their developmental activities,” Bottomani said.

Bottomani challenged Luchenza Municipal Council authorities to sit down, mobilize resources, and develop a new strategic plan for easy initiation of developmental activities within the council.

Wanyapukucha Mzumara:failed to control himself on a number of occasions

During the meeting members of the committee also observed that controlling officer for the Council Acting Chief Executive Officer, Wanyapukucha McPhine Sturdy Mzumara failed to control himself a number of occasions based on issues that came up, and have therein advised Local Government Finance Committee to train their officers to understand parliamentary deliberations under standing orders.

However, PAC chairperson has given Lunchenza Municipal Council a benefit of doubt as it needs to improve on how to orderly deal with parliamentary issues.

Responding to members questions Mzumara cited inadequate resources as a main challenge for the council fail to develop a strategic plan as old one is outdated.

Mzumara admitted the need for any institution to have a guiding document in order to smoothly initiate developmental activities.

“And updating it, its not just a matter of sitting down but needs proper planning and consultations as we use a bottom-up approach where we ask members of the society their input.” Mzumara explained.

Luchenza Municipal Acting CEO also expressed concern over unpaid rates by property owners within the council that amounts to K32 million and they try to solicit those funds through legal means and local council laws.

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