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Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika needs some rest…


A few of my social media colleagues have been asking my opinion on the recent media interview by the Former President of Malawi, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika , especially as regards social media gossip that he might contest.

I never responded but will do so now so that no one ever asks me this again. I will comment as a bona fide Malawian and someone who has religiously “followed” DPP from its inception.

My interpretation of his statements during the interview showed that he does not intend to stand for any public office again, be it as Party President or State President. Off course he seems to have made up his mind to support any of the aspirants with requisite attributes to take over the party and eventually become state president.

What are my personal views? I feel the former president having been in politics for 70years + plus, needs some rest. He needs to have time for the family, his children and grandchildren. Party or state leadership exhausts and stresses at the same time. He needs to enjoy his retirement now and have time for his family. He can be handy as an advisor in his retirement to any of the leaders. He has done quite alot for the world including Malawi and he just deserves that rest.

I have always imagined if he was my biological father, what would I have wished for him at this crucial moment? My wish would have been what his family thinks now which I am told is not to contest. I know having him back politically will be beneficial to me personally but I also need to think rationally. APM has mentored lots of people within his party and it will be doing him injustice to push for his candidature whilst he has not enjoyed the benefits of seeing those mentored steering the ship before his very eyes.

Simply put, I fully support his intention to retire at the next elective convention of his party.

These are my personal views and I hold on to them. I hope no one will come behind the curtain to ask me about this again including this young man Godwin Godweynz.

May God bless HE Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his family.

God bless Malawi.

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